8 Ways to get A Cheap Vacation

8 Ways to get A Cheap Vacation in Asia

Bintantravel.com – How ways to get a cheap vacation in Asia? Asia is the favorite tourist destination from all over the world. Not only offers beautiful places, the cost of travel in this region is also relatively cheap. Not only cheap tourism costs, Southeast Asia also offers a myriad of interesting places for various tourist activities. Natural tourist areas with beautiful scenery to modern tourist attractions are available in the ASEAN region.

Vacation by spending a little money seems to be the desire of many people. If you are one of them, take care of traveling with the following 8 ways to get a cheap vacation.

1. Stay at home, not a hotel

The cost of staying at a hotel is one of the factors that can make you lose a lot of money. To get around, tourists can choose to stay at the inn in the form of a house.

There are many ways you can choose about staying at home. One of them is by exchanging houses. Currently there are several traveling sites that are deliberately made for the exchange of houses between tourists.

By registering on the site, tourists can stay at the homes of other tourists who are also members of the site. Fun, you can stay at this house for free!

2. Flight ticket booking strategy

After accommodation, another thing that must be considered to get a cheap vacation is to order cheap plane tickets. To get it, you must have an order strategy.

Usually, cheap airplane prices are on Tuesday. Then, if you go with two or more people, you should order tickets one by one or separately. Don’t order at once.

By ordering separately, chances are you get a cheap ticket big enough. If not, search engines will give you seats in a row and that isn’t always cheap.

3. Come to a new destination

Try to find new tourist destinations that are usually used as alternative destinations for many tourists, not those that are crowded with tourists. You can search it through the internet and one of ways to get a cheap vacation.

Travel destinations that are on the rise will usually increase the price of lodging and others. This ways to get a cheap vacationwill certainly cost you a lot of money.

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4. Take advantage of WiFi

For a traveler who still wants to use a cellphone while in the destination, just use the local number card. This is important to note especially for tourists who go abroad.

Avoid using numbers in your home country because it will make your cellphone bill explode. Instead, take advantage of WiFi services that are commonly found in hotels or tourist destinations.

5. Look for price comparisons to order flight tickets

Other opportunities  ways to get a cheap vacation low prices can be obtained by using a price comparison site. There are many traveling sites that display various flight fares. You can also choose the airline with the lowest price for transportation.

6. Use a loyal online booking site

If you are one of the travelers who likes to use online booking sites, choose a site that gives a lot of bonuses to customers. One way is to give bonus points for every transaction that has been done. Then, these points can be used for other transactions.

7. Select local residents as guides

Traveling to a new area is really fun using the services of a professional tour guide. But this will cost a lot. For that, you should just use the services of local residents. Local guide services are certainly cheaper than using the services of a professional guide.

8. Outgrow transportation

The last ways to get a cheap vacation is don’t just stick to one means of transportation, for example, just traveling by plane. If your destination can be reached by land, start counting. If the costs incurred for land transportation are cheaper than planes, you should choose land routes only.

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