What Things To Do In Medan When Vacation?

– If you are wondering about what things to do in Medan. Then, you can read this article! You can do several things in the city. Let’s see some of them!

Here is what things to do in Medan when you are in vacations :

  1. Sightseeing an orangutan

The island of Sumatra is the habitat of this rare ape. By visiting the Bukit Lawang National Park. You can get the chance to watch the ape from a close range. Since this is a rehabilitation center for this red-haired ape. You will get the information you need regarding this animal.

Be sure that you visit it not at the fruiting season since the orangutans will be deep inside the jungle to forage the fruits the consume. So it would take some time because you have to venture deep inside the national park!

  1. Enjoying a spice tea

The tea in the area of Sipiso-piso waterfall is composed of ginger. Also cinnamon, lemongrass, sugar, and of course, tea. The tea is good to possess several health benefits. So drinking it is one of what things to do in Medan! The price is not a thing to worry about since it is very cheap. One of Medan tour package in destinations that can you book in Bintan Travel. For more information about the package call here +62 819 828 117 and get good services from us.

  1. Relaxing in a hot spring

It is no doubt that traveling takes a lot of time and energy you have. When visiting the mighty Mount Sibayak, you will find a cozy and relaxing hot spring at the slope of it. This hot spring has a natural atmosphere surrounding it, perfect for relaxing. It is also soaking yourself in the sulphuric water can relieve your stamina and prevent you from rheumatism.

  1. Eating amazing local cuisine

Medan is also rich in local cuisines. You definitely need to try and taste one of them, or maybe, if you have the money, time, and determination, try all of them! From Acai Mee Goreng to Nasi Padang, you will not be disappointed by their taste. Now, enjoy all of what things to do in Medan!

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