What’s Amazing The 2 Colours Waterfall In Sibolangit North Sumatra


What's Amazing The 2 Colours Waterfall In Sibolangit North Sumatra

Bintantravel.com – When you do holiday in North sumatra, a best choice to visit 2 colours waterfall which is located in Sibolangit. This place will pass when drive from Brastagi to Medan city. But from the main road you must walk about 1 hour to reach it.

Tourist attraction

Mount Sibayak, North Sumatra Dua Warna Waterfall is located in Sibolangit District, North Sumatra . The water comes from Mount Sibayak. Why does Two Color Waterfall say? The answer is because this beautiful waterfall does have two different color gradations.

The colour difference is caused by water containing phosphorus and sulfur. You are not allowed to drink the water. In addition to color, the temperature of this waterfall is very unique.

Cold temperatures in blue water, and warm temperatures in grayish white water. You can also do other activities while still enjoying the natural charm of the waterfall, such as swimming and relaxing warms the body while lighting a campfire.

You can also frame this timeless moment in photographs as a documentation of your vacation. Still feels less? You can set up camp for the night. Of course, it will bring you together with the aura of nature.

In Sumatra tour itynerary we give this place as a optional tour. Means if you intrested to visit, will be any charge for this tour. You will enter the forest area to get to Dua Warna Waterfall. The journey that you will experience will greatly test your adrenaline. On the other hand, the beautiful atmosphere and refreshing air will welcome you.

Moreover, the area in the forest is well maintained. This proves that the surrounding community and tourists keep each other clean of the forest.


Dua Warna Waterfall is located in Durin Sirugun Village, Sibolangit District, Deli Serdang Regency, North Sumatra Province.

This waterfall is located right in the area of Mount Sibayak. If you land in Medan City, the distance that must be taken to Sibolangit is around 75 km. The location of the sub-district center towards Dua Warna Waterfall is still quite far away.

In ideal travel conditions it will take approximately 3 hours. For those of you who have never visited, you should ask for the services of a tour guide to avoid bad possibilities such as losing direction or getting lost. Sumatra overland tour package North West 14 days 13 nights.


Forest Towards Two Color Sibolangit Waterfall An inter-city bus majoring in Kabanjahe from Medan can be your choice to go to the Sibolangit Campground Karo Regency.

It will be more comfortable if you use a private car or rental car. Upon arrival at Campground, you must prepare for further exploration. Although the access to enter the waterfall is quite clear and many people have visited it, still you have to save extra energy starting from the journey to the Two Colors Waterfall until the trip home.

Why is that? Because you have to go through dense forest first with about 2 to 3 hours. Even though it passes through dense forests, you don’t need to worry, because along the way you will be helped by directions that are intentionally intended for tourists to make your trip easier.

Your adventure spirit is increasingly honed with challenging paths, such as climbs, downhill directions, as well as across several small rivers in the forest.

It’s so exciting. All your exhausted energy will pay off on arrival at the attraction of Dua Warna Waterfall. The beauty and coolness of this waterfall will spoil your tourist desires.

Ticket price

You will be asked to issue a nominal value of Rp. 25,000 – when entering the waterfall area. More precisely referred to as retribution fees for maintenance around tourist sites.

In addition, given the entry path that resembles an adventure arena in the forest, you can request the services of a local tour guide at a rate of Rp. 100,000, up to Rp. 300,000, -. The price of a tour guide can be considered according to the number of your group.

Facilities and Accommodation

Its position in the forest is certainly understandable if this one tourist attraction does not have many public facilities. Therefore, make sure you have prepared all the items you need to carry. What’s more, if you choose to camp and spend the night here.

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